Dates for Workshops 2022 held by New Zealand Calligraphers Society at Gifford Gallery, 27a Poronui Street, Mount Eden, Auckland

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Classes taught by calligrapher Margaret Woollett in the coming months in 2022. If there is a class you would like to participate in and feel free to send an email at to confirm your placement.

Suitable for beginners to advanced crafters who wish to expand and extend their knowledge to other aspects of calligraphy.

For those who would like to work within a smaller group. These classes offer tuition for Weekend workshops, 

‘Evening Lettering Class’, and  ‘Your Project Class’, over 6 consecutive weeks

March : Tuesday 8th – March – April 12th       Evening class  ‘Your Project’  7.00pm – 9.00pm      Cost: $120.00

A 6 week evening class offering opportunity and assistance while working on a project of your choice.

  Sunday 27th  Embossing Paper   9.30 am –          Cost: $140.00

Learn how to make that subtle play of light and shadow, with crisp sharp lines on paper.     

April :   Saturday 9th   Simple Book making Techniques       9.30 am –          Cost: $145.00

Make a simple bound and sewn book , requiring no specialist tools.

  Sunday 10th     Gold Foil Bling!              9.30 am –          Cost: $145.00

Laying gold foil onto paper and  ‘other’ Surfaces. 

                  Saturday  30th   Pens Pigments Papers 9.30 am –          Cost: $140.00

The opportunity to learn and experience different pens, a selection of papers and pigments.

May           Sunday 1st    Writing letters in the Round 9.30 am –          Cost: $140.00

We will look at the technique of how we place lettering within a circular design.

May     Tuesday Evenings  3rd – June 7th     Evening Night Class Beginning Calligraphy 7.00pm – 9.00pm    Cost: $145.00

Over 6 weeknight evenings we will look at the Italic and the Foundational Styles of Lettering

                  Saturday 14th Book Binding, Belgian Method  9.30 am –          Cost: $150.00

Bind a book using a pattern of weaving while stitching all the book parts together.

                  Saturday 28th     Watercolour Lettering onto a Block  Frame 9.30 am –          Cost: $140.00

The ‘HOW’ of painting and blocking a watercolour design onto your ‘ready made’ frame.

June :        Saturday 11th    Beyond Beginner Pens 9.30 am –          Cost: $140.00

Learn how to use a metal pen nib with a reservoir, and understand the ‘quirks’ of metal nibs.

                  Sunday 12th   Italic Variations 9.30 am –          Cost: $130.00

   Learn variations of the Italic Script, and manipulation of aspects of the letter forms.

July           Saturday 9th  CanvasBlock using Acrylic Mediums 9.30 am –          Cost: $140.00

Using Acrylic mediums for your lettering, design and complete a ‘ready made’ canvas block.

                  Sunday 10th    Modern Pointed Pen Lettering 9.30 am –          Cost: $140.00

With a fine metal nib learn to write modern cursive letters

                 Saturday 23rd    Tiny Lettering Styles.

                 Sunday 24th       Tiny Lettering Styles cont.. 9.30 am –          Cost: $220.00 for weekend 

Using finely pointed and small broad edged nibs, learn the techniques of making tiny letters.

                 Saturday 30th   Built Up Letters in Pencil 9.30 am –          Cost: $140.00

Lettering with a sharp propelling pencil, using Roman Capital letters as our starting point.

          A discount  given for more than 1 class over a weekend                                                             Schedule of the second half of the year classes in early May.

All essential materials required for these classes, are provided in the cost.