Golden Bling Workshop:  Saturday, October 19th 2019 at 9 am – 4 pm

Here are details of a workshop being run by one of NZ Calligrapher’s members, Margaret Woollett.  If interested please contact Margaret directly

‘Gold… Everyone loves a little gold and it goes a long way to make your work look spectacular. Gold is a fabulous medium to work with, and in this workshop you will make a booklet and fillet up getting to use as many of the golds you wish, to making a sample of how each pigment looks, its colours in comparison to others, its effect on a dark paper.. the way it handles in the pen and whether it was able to be built up to give a more raised 2 dimensional look to your piece of writing/decoration.

You will get to sample a lot of gold pigments, even have a ‘go’ at mixing your own golden colour. We will look at using gold foils and opportunity for you today down some foil also.

I will demonstrate laying real 24 carat gold onto paper, but due to the specialist equipment required and length of time 24 carat gold requires, this will only be a demonstration. I would love to run a ‘Laying Gold Workshop’ over 2 days in the New Year, but feel initially as the gold pigments now available are such high quality, learning to work using a more economical gold is the perfect way to get into the use of this type of embellishment.

$150:00 Cost for full day workshop – all materials required for the workshop are supplied in the Workshop costs.

Maximum Class of 12 students.

Depending on numbers this will be held at either my Studio in Narrow Neck, or the Central City – with all day free parking available.’ – Margaret